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The Cost of Cloud, a Trillion Dollar Paradox

- andreessen. horowitz

2023 could be the year of public cloud repatriation

- David Linthicum, InfoWorld

The Rise Of Cloud Repatriation: Why Companies Are Bringing Data In-House

- Forbes

Back to the Future: Applications of Healthcare Data Past and Present, and Implications for the Longevity of Data Storage

- New Webinar 

Want a Database Tailormade for Edge Computing?

- Max Maxfield, Electronic Engineering Journal

Swiss voters approve new climate law as country's glaciers melt

- Laura Paddison, CNN

Preservation or Deletion: Archiving and Accessing the Dataverse

- John Monroe, Furthurdata (member of the Active Archive Alliance)

Secure Sustainable Storage —

A Global Imperative


Swiss Vault: The Venture Leader Mobile bringing sustainability to the data industry

- Venturelab

Photo by Diego PH

Swiss Vault: A secure data vault

- TechTour

Photo by Diego PH

Swiss Vault: Member of the World Alliance

- SolarImpulse

Photo by Diego PH