About Us

About Swiss Vault

Swiss Vault has the best-in-class solution for storage of large data. Industries including Genomics, Telecommunications, Seismic, Astronomy require an exceptional amount of data storage as well as intensive data access and analysis operations. Our unique hardware design and software setup ensures rapid analysis, with secure long-term storage at very low energy consumption. Save money, time and energy on data storage with Swiss Vault's data storage solutions.

SOFTWARE - Vault File System is a breakthrough data storage and archiving software: a file system so good that it has made data loss recovery obsolete and dramatically reduces costs of data storage: apex, opex and tco.

HARDWARE - By achieving 10 times more power efficiency and reducing space utilization by 80%, Swiss Vault provides you with a modular, durable and resilient data storage solution. Not only will you save on long-term costs your organisation will also be leaving a positive carbon footprint.


To provide organizations with technology that combines hardware and software solutions for better, economical, resilient and environmentally sustainable data management.


The main goal of the Sustronics project is to transform the European electronics industry by harnessing the power of sustainable practices and fostering innovation. 

By combining eco-friendly electronics, increased productivity, and the development of cutting-edge functionalities, the project aims to propel the industry towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.