Swiss Vault Selected as Research Project Partner for EECONE, Joining 49 Other Providers in Ground-breaking Sustainable Electronics Initiative

Swiss Vault, a leading provider of secure data storage solutions, is pleased to announce its selection as a research project partner for the European Electronics Circular Economy Network (EECONE).

Alongside 49 esteemed providers in the electronics industry, Swiss Vault will play a pivotal role in this ground-breaking initiative, which aims to establish decisive foundations for the sustainable development, manufacturing, and use of electronics in Europe. The research project is set to run for three years, during which Swiss Vault will contribute its expertise and cutting-edge software and hardware technologies to advance the circular economy principles within the electronics sector.

The EECONE project represents a significant milestone in the ongoing drive towards sustainability within the electronics industry. With electronic waste becoming one of the fastest-growing waste streams globally, it is crucial to find innovative solutions that will minimize environmental impact and maximize the valuable resources contained in electronic devices. Through this collaborative effort, Swiss Vault and the other project partners will collectively focus on developing strategies and technologies that promote the reuse, repair, and recycling of electronics, while also reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

As a research project partner, Swiss Vault will leverage its extensive experience in secure data storage and management to explore ways to enhance the circular economy within the electronics sector. Swiss Vault aims to ensure that sustainable practices align with the highest standards of information protection and reliability. Furthermore, the company will actively contribute to the development of best practices for extending product lifecycles, establishing efficient reverse logistics systems, and fostering eco-design principles throughout the electronics manufacturing process.

“We are thrilled to be selected as a research project partner for the EECONE initiative,” said Bhupinder Bhullar, CEO of Swiss Vault. “Sustainability is at the core of our values, and we are committed to driving positive change within the electronics industry. Through our participation in this research project, we look forward to collaborating with our partners to develop innovative solutions that will revolutionize the way electronics are produced, used, and recycled, taking us a step closer to achieving a truly circular economy.”

Over the course of the project, Swiss Vault will actively engage in collaborative knowledge sharing, participate in workshops and conferences, and work closely with other project partners to exchange insights and progress. By leveraging the collective expertise and diverse perspectives of the 49 participating providers, EECONE aims to establish a comprehensive framework that will guide future policies, legislation, and industry practices toward a more sustainable and circular electronics sector.


About Swiss Vault
Swiss Vault is a leading provider of secure data storage software and hardware technologies. With a focus on data protection, privacy, and security, Swiss Vault offers state-of-the-art data storage products, encrypted cloud backup services, and disaster recovery solutions to businesses of all sizes. Committed to sustainability, Swiss Vault actively seeks eco-friendly ways to operate and contribute to the circular economy.