PRESS RELEASE: Swiss Vault Joins Binghamton University’s Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2) to Champion Sustainable Data Storage Practices

Swiss Vault, a best-in-class provider of data storage software and hardware technology solutions for large data files, is proud to announce their membership with Binghamton University’s ES2 Center in Binghamton, NY. This collaboration embodies Swiss Vault’s dedication to promoting environmentally friendly data storage solutions as well as supporting the local community’s sustainability initiatives.

As a member of the ES2 Program, Swiss Vault will work closely with ES2 to promote renewable energy and support green initiatives to sustainably store data for research, healthcare and enterprise data for 100 years, while also reducing energy costs and electronic waste by extending the life of servers. Swiss Vault will also integrate these sustainability practices into their daily operations and products, expanding their commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint.

“Joining Binghamton University’s ES2 Program is an important step in our ongoing efforts to promote eco-friendly solutions and sustainable operations,” says Bhupinder Bhullar, the Founder and CEO of Swiss Vault. “We believe that every business has a responsibility to protect our planet, and we’re proud to work with the ES2 team at Binghamton University to drive positive change in the data center and storage industry.”



ES2 is a collaboration of government, academia and industry devoted to research in making data centers more energy efficient. Their vision is the creation and operation of energy-optimized data centers and electronic systems at any specified performance level by SMART allocation and distribution of IT load, SMART integration of controlled on-demand cooling and SMART elimination of energy waste and inefficiencies.



Swiss Vault is committed to leading the industry in sustainable practices and providing secure and reliable storage solutions for businesses and individuals. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Swiss Vault offers a range of uniquely designed hardware and software solutions that ensure rapid analysis, with secure long-term storage at very low energy consumption. To learn more about Swiss Vault and their commitment to sustainable operations, visit their website at