New Webinar – Back to the Future: Applications of Healthcare Data Past and Present, and Implications for the Longevity of Data Storage

In today’s world, healthcare data is proving to be one of the most valuable and sensitive assets. It’s essential to understand the significance and implications of healthcare data’s past and present in ensuring data storage longevity. Swiss Vault is delighted to announce its involvement on the panel led webinar titled “Back to The Future: Applications of Healthcare Data Past and Present, and Implications for the Longevity of Data Storage,” taking place on August 9, 2023

Joining the leader at the helm of Swiss Vault, Bhupinder Bhullar on this webinar are distinguished panelists and experts who will explore the different ways healthcare data has evolved over the years, and its transformative role in improving healthcare outcomes.

Panelists include:


Dr. Kel Pults, DHA, MSN, RN-BC, Chief Clinical Officer, MediQuant

Dr. Kel Pults applies her deep healthcare and health informatics training and expertise to build effective health information solutions that support hospitals’ and health systems’ clinical data management needs.  Kel holds dual degrees of Doctor of Health Administration and Master of Science in Nursing. She is a Registered Nurse-Board Certified in Informatics, and a National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians®-certified EMS. In 2021, she became a board member of the industry-leading Active Archive Alliance.



Dr. Bhupinder Bhullar, Managing Director and Co-founder, Swiss Vault

Dr. Bhupinder Bhullar trained at Harvard Medical School and has an MBA from London Business School.  He has extensive experience in Big Data analysis, bioinformatics, oncology-genomics at Southern Alberta Cancer Research Center, and at the Whitehead Institute, MIT. Swiss Vault was started to help healthcare organizations efficiently manage large data volumes, enable Big Data analytics, and help simplify Precision Medicine.  Swiss Vault has received several awards, including the Energy Globe award from Austria and London Business School’s Real Innovation Award, recognizing the innovative technology advancements which enable organizations to manage large data volumes more efficiently.



Paul Luppino, Director, Data Management Technology Solutions, Iron Mountain

Paul Luppino is the Director of Data Management Technology Solutions at Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM), the global leader in storage and information management services with over $4.5B in sales operating over 1450 facilities in more than 60 countries. He joined Iron Mountain in 2007 and manages products in the data management and data protection portfolio.




Hugo Bergmann, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Seagate Technology

Hugo has 30+ years of experience in IT focused on storage solutions in various positions in engineering, sales, product management and marketing at leading manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and system houses and end customers. At Seagate Technology, Hugo leads global product marketing for Enterprise Systems and Sustainability.



The experts will also discuss the latest trends and innovations in healthcare data storage and management, highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with storing and managing vast amounts of healthcare data.

The webinar will cover several key topics, including the evolution of healthcare data storage, data protection best practices, optimising patient experience and care delivery, and how we can ensure data availability, accessibility, and durability for future use.

Attendees can expect to gain profound insights on the applications of healthcare data and its implications on the future of data storage from our panel discussion.

The registration link for the webinar is available here

The event is free, and attendees can register from anywhere in the world; join us and let’s go back to the future.